Searching through the static


Plugging in the Cables

“I am not funny.  But I KNOW funny.”

– Tony Kornheiser

The introductory post seems to be the clunkiest one to write.  I’ve gone through a few drafts but nothing seems to work.  I’ve done narrative, I’ve done emotional, I’ve done step by step… But I haven’t been able to reflect what this blog will mean to me (yes, me!  I’m mostly writing so I can eventually develop some writing samples for a job. Me! Me! Me!).  So I’ve decided to make this short and sweet so we can just move ahead with my rambling posts that may or may not make sense.

The opening quote reflects a strong tenet of mine:  I am not talented.  But I have a strong conviction that I know quality.  And I hope to share my non-talent talent that, again, will hopefully lead me to acquire skill.

The Monitor will mostly cover, with sometimes a sarcastic and subversive view: